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hi fellow ftx fans. just figured i would introduce myself seeings how i just joined this yesterday. i've been a fan of fenix tx since i was about 13 years old (since about 1999-2000)and i still love them and consider them my favorite band of all time. i can honestly say they are the ONLY band i will never get sick of. i seriously almost cried when i found out they broke up. cant they just get together and go for one more tour? that would be soo awesome. i regret not going to see them at the warped tour 01. i figured "well...they'll probably be together for a long time, so i still have plenty more chances to see them," not knowing they would break up a year later!! errgg... anyway, does anybody know where i can get some fenix tx wallpaper or mp3s? i've been looking for them everywhere so i can put them on my myspace page, but i cant seem to find any...

<3 melissa
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